Color Visionary

By Warren S. Goff. DO

You must accept the terms above to use the program.

This is Plate 1. When you Click Next >> you will be asked what you saw:

Your answers are tabulated.

You may Start over at any time and this resets all of your answers

You may Save or Save As your results, once you have completed the test
At that point the menu options will be enabled.
You may also open saved studies.
Upon opening a saved study, the interpretation occurs immediately.


Meet all of the criteria for a Person with Red-Green Deficiencies you are considered "Definite"
If you only meet some of the criteria, you are called "Probable".
"Totally Color Blind" requires that NO Numbers were seen (X).
Your answers are provided in the right most column.
Complete instructions regarding the process is provided under
Help>Instructions>Color Blindness.

After completing the test, the Color Blindness Report is Enabled and the interpretation (above) happens.

You may switch between the Color Blindness Charts (as above) or the Amsler Chart / Instructions,
Red Desaturation and Near / Far Visual Acuity.

Amsler Chart


You can draw  what you see and what you didn't. It can be saved and recalled.

 A printable pdf version of the Ansler Chart and instructions are available under
Help>Instructions>Color Blindness 


Red Desaturation


Finally, the Near and Far Visual Acuity option opens the pdf for printing.
It cannot be used from a computer monitor.


The program is open source (
It is a stand alone program meaning that it has no dependencies and requires no installation.
Simply extract (or compile) it into a directory of your choice and it is ready.