Version 2.0

Open Compact Source Code
The VB6 Code is included with the Compiled Version above

By Warren S. Goff DO

If anyone has an objection to the inclusion of any graphics or text within this program, it will be promptly removed.

You must accept the Disclaimer in order to use the program. Once accepted, this form will not display again.

The Opening Screen

Once a subcategory (Dematosis, eg. "blistering dactylitis") under the Category (eg. "Bullous") is chosen,
the specific entities may be studied, edited and augmented.

The Papular Category has Additional sub-Categories associated with it as well.

The lowest dropdown box (Search All") allows you to find and view any of the diagnostic dermatoses available.

Adding New images

In the Full Screen View, striking the "z" key opens the Zoom Menu.

You may generate a also.

goes directly to the full-screen display without a diagnosis allowing you to test your skills.

If you select text (anywhere on your display including the text box) and copy it to the clipboard, the Google button appears.
By clicking it, the term(s) are searched with Google using the default Browser.